November 2008

Charity Club of Pattaya members have been drinking for charity

Christina Boden
The Charity Club of Pattaya descended on some of the local bars in Pattaya to help raise funds for two charities. Sponsors could choose either the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal or the Prostheses Foundation in Chiang Mai <www.prostheses>

Malcolm with Bob Myers, Poppy Appeal organiser at Rosie O’Grady’s.
The pub crawl started from Shenanigans in the Avenue with club mascot Bertram Bear, who got the easy option of sitting in a wheelchair which is destined for someone in Isaan after the walk. After a tipple or two to get them in trim for the walk they set off for Rosie O’Grady’s. Malcolm left everyone standing as he went pounding the Pattaya streets, everyone thinking it was because he was ex-army but it was all a ploy … he got to Rosie’s quicker so he could enjoy the air con and Guinness longer than anyone else!
Darren was on hand to welcome the weary and very hot walkers, Colin the other co-owner of Rosie’s came on the walk and crawled in the door gasping for a Guinness and a cold cloth like the rest of the walkers, so Darren was more than happy to oblige!
After a few more much needed drinks the baht bus was hailed for the next leg to Jameson’s to be greeted by Kim and his busy staff.

Kevin, Kim and Som at Jameson’s.
Busy Kevin Fisher managed to get away from his work and caught up with the crowd at Jameson’s where Kevin donned his billboard to start the slow stagger towards Tropical Bert’s.
As the walkers approached Soi 6/1 the sound of Bert ringing the bell in Tropical Bert’s put a spring into the walkers’ steps and encouraged a sprint into the bar! The Tropical Bert’s girls were gathering the orders at great speed to replenish them after the long 10 minute walk from Jameson’s.
The last leg was soon upon them and they finally managed to get to the last venue with an even longer walk … across the road to the Queen Victoria Inn where a tasty buffet was waiting.
All fed and very well watered it was time for the raffle. All the prizes were claimed on the night.
Special thanks for the prizes that were donated by Rosie O’Grady’s, Shenanigan’s, Tropical Bert’s, Queen Victoria Inn, and Mata Hari. The Charity Club banner was donated by the Big Banner Company.
Amount raised: 102,000 baht, which will be split 50/50 between the 2 charities.

Kevin dons his billboard at Jameson’s.

Bernard gives Bertram a well earned drink in Rosie O’Grady’s.

Colin Tar & friends at Tropical Bert’s.

Buddy and his pals.

Charity Club of Pattaya at the last venue, the Queen Victoria Inn.