Pattaya Mail Vol. XII No. 45
Friday November 5 - November 11 , 2004

Queen Victoria Inn repels Philippines Invasion

The Queen Victoria Inn on Soi Yodsak held the first tournament from their venue on Monday the October 25. A tournament between themselves and the visiting Golf Asia group from Angeles City was held at the Bangpra Golf Course. The Golf Asia group last year found the Queen Vic in their travels and used the pub as their home base while in Pattaya. They enjoyed their time so much a tournament was organized for their return visit this year.

Andy Nesbit (center), the Queen Vic’s winning captain receives the trophy as he congratulated by Dick Umberger, Golf Asia group captain, from Angeles City, Philippines.

A group of golfers from Pattaya was thrown together to take on the visitors. Some of the local golfers are as much at home with a pint of Kilkenny as a 9 iron in their hands. The format was a better ball stableford competition with 3 points to be won for each match played. One point for each nine holes and one for the match.

The Queen Vic managed to get together 13 golfers while the visitors due to a few no shows had 10 players. The match was played in great spirit and the score line of 12.5 to 5.5 in favour of the Queen Vic was not a true indication of just how close some of the matches were.

The Queen Vic Tiger Girls celebrate victory.

On returning to the Queen Vic after the match there were a few pints drank and a lot of lies told of what might have been. When all had arrived the presentation began. Vic from the Queen Vic had very generously provided vouchers for the nearest the pin prizes. These were of more than enough value to enjoy one of their wonderful meals and to wash it down with quite a few pints of whatever beverage you would wish.

The nearest the pins were won by Dick Umberger hole #2. Dick is captain of the Golf Asia group, a visitor to Pattaya for many years and is well known by a lot of local golfers thru his playing with the different societies while here. Nearest the pin #8 & #17 were won by Jerry Quinn; obviously the sabbatical Jerry is taking from work is helping the golf game. Upon receiving his vouchers Jerry immediately brought a drink for the appreciative golfers. Nearest pin #12 was taken by the great Cork County amateur golfer Paul OMahony. Anybody who has had the pleasure of playing golf with Paul knows it is an experience you soon don’t forget. The captains were then called and the trophy presented to Andy Nesbit captain of the Queen Vic side.

Andy was instrumental in setting up the tournament, as he is well known to the Philippines community having spent many years living there during his entrepreneurial days. The captains thanked their respective teams and their hosts for the day. Dick was gracious in defeat and Andy modest in victory although the winning captain seemed to suffer from the rare form of speech impediment called ‘Guinessgitas’ during some parts.

The golfers would like to thank the management and staff of the Queen Vic for their wonderful hospitality. The girls really got into the post tournament celebrations. A delicious BBQ pig & buffet dinner was served and Tiger beer had come to the fore and donated some cases of Tiger beer, which was handed out on the golf course whenever one of the players looked like dehydrating. A great day was had by all and a big thanks to all competing, making it such a memorable day.

Results: Queen Vic 12 .5 def. Golf Asia Philippines 5.5

Bob Kay & Egon Nielson defeated Rusty Sibold & Joe Miller 3 - nil; Lumpy Russell & Paul OMahony defeated Tom Brit & Dick Umberger 3 to nil; Andy Nesbit & Kim Payne drew with Bill Wilson &Jason Lockwood; Dave Pittman & Gez Tracy defeated Justin Elde & Vince Callaghan 3 - nil; Jerry Quinn & Dave Crawford lost to Chris Parry & Jim Walton Nil - 3; Adrian Bassett & Gerry Hobbs defeated Adrian Bassett & Andrew ‘Middlemiss’ 2 - 1.