Friday 25 July -31 July 2003

Press report stirs the hearts of readers

Staff and patrons of Queen Victoria Inn donate funds to paralyzed father and small son

The Queen Victoria Inn presented 10,000 baht to Nitaya Patimasongkroh, president of the YWCA and the Lions Club of Pratamnak, to go towards helping the impoverished family. YWCA members (from left) Khornchanok Rodrummit, Malinee Sariman, Malinee Suwansaenee and Rotary Club Taksin Pattaya members (right), Marlise Fritz and P.P. Peter Thorand are also part of the aid project

Brendan Richards

Following an article printed in last week’s Pattaya Mail concerning a young boy and his disabled father The Queen Victoria Inn on Soi 6 contacted Nittaya Patimasongkroh, president of the YWCA Bangkok-Pattaya branch to hand over 10,000 baht towards helping the impoverished family. The funds were donated by staff and customers of the Queen Vic from their regular charity raffles.

A small presentation was made at the Queen Vic on Friday afternoon and Nittaya, members of the YWCA, Rotary Club of Taksin-Pattaya and Lions Club of Pratamnak were on hand to receive the much-needed donation.

Funds will be used to build a small wheelchair friendly house for the father and son on Navy land with the aim of providing basic daily needs for the pair. The YWCA has given 9-year-old Anupong a scholarship to continue his education. His father, 42-year-old Somsak was crippled in a work accident and has been unable to move for a number of years.

Nittaya Patimasongkroh said, “They now have a renewed sense of hope in leading a semi-normal life. They (father and son) are astonished and very grateful at the amount of help they have received so far.”

The YWCA, Rotary Club of Taksin-Pattaya and the Lions Club of Pratamnak have already raised 80,000 baht for this worthy cause. A further 20-30,000 is needed to complete the project and begin medical treatment for the disabled Somsak.