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About Us

The Queen Victoria Inn of Pattaya is a private hotel/guesthouse which is owned and managed by husband and wife team, Vic & Jane.

Jane & Vic

Established in 2001, and having gone from strength to strength, we have celebrated over nine years of providing a high quality service to our customers, many of whom return to stay with us on each trip to Thailand. We now have 31 rooms, ranging from Deluxe to budget, with our top rate of 900 Bt (1000 between December 15th - January 15th) providing superb facilities - PLUS...we have the Jasmine Suite, a suite of rooms inclusive of a dedicated Jacuzzi room at 2,100 Bt per night.

As an English style pub we can offer you food from 9am until late at night, a typical English Breakfast, or an Eat -all-you-can Carvery on Sunday lunch. We stock many imported beers and lagers, plus local Thai beers, Singha, Chang, Heineken.... indeed, too many to list.

We have close managerial and partnership links with the Viking Bar, nearby here in Soi 6 - the heart of Pattaya.

We continue to keep abreast of the times and provide our customers with the best and most modern facilities available, as appropriate to your needs. Consequently we have installed WiFi internet access, FREE to all of in our customers. We also have your laptop security in mind and provide free security cable to attach it to a strong attachment point installed in each room. We can arrange massage facilities in your room from a fully qualified professional masseur. We can provide a comfortable minibus for your trips to the airport, golfing or excursions. Our aim is to ensure that you enjoy a comfortable stay here in the Queen Vic.

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If there is anything that you wish to ask and cannot find the answer in the FAQ page or elsewhere in the web site please email us or use the direct enquiry form in the FAQ page.


We, Vic and Jane, and in fact all of our staff look forward to meeting you and will endeavour to ensure that your stay here is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.


Vic is also the Treasurer of The Charity Club Of Pattaya.

The Charity Club is managed by Malcolm and Christina Boden

The Charity Club of Pattaya is a small club, which was founded on JULY 1st 2004 by Christina and Malcolm Boden. They are assisted by treasurer VIC KING, owner of the Queen Victoria Inn Soi 6 Pattaya, and KEVIN FISHER of Cranes & Equipment Asia.




                                             Malcolm Boden   &    Christina Boden       

Malcolm & Christina have been doing charity events in Pattaya since their arrival in Pattaya in March 2000 with the now defunct U.K. Club where Christina was the Charity Officer and Entertainments organiser and Malcolm was the treasurer and Entertainments organiser.

When the U.K. Club folded, The Charity Club of Pattaya was born. The Club is now in its 5th years.

Vic King owner of The Queen Victoria Inn is also the Clubs treasurer.
The Queen Vic is also the adopted home of the club, where we meet most Sundays for Vic Sunday Roast and of course a Sunday drink.




Kevin Fisher Director of Cranes and Equipment Asia is a staunch supporter of the Club and helps as much as his busy schedule allows.

Som Fisher is the raffle ticket queen of Pattaya! Whenever we have an event Som is the girl with the raffle book and does a sterling job, she also stands in for Kevin when work commitments means he cannot attend a function. Som can be spotted at most events cuddling or dancing with Bertram which Kevin is well aware of, but isn’t the slightest bit jealous!




As the Club does so much work in the very poor areas of Isaan, they have become very good friends with Rotarian, Peter Rottmann. Peter lives in the Krasang area with his wife Nit who helps Peter with his Rotary work and our work as well with translations.
Peter agreed to become the club’s representative for any projects the Club has in that area.


The ladies of the club can be at the side of their men one minute but as soon as they see Bertram they are like flies round a honey pot!
Bertram attends nearly all our events and has been interviewed by the Pattaya Mail on more than one occasion!
Loved by all the Thai ladies and Children alike is our Club mascot Bertram Bear! He has a wardrobe of t-shirts that he collects for sponsorship purposes  which he dons when he’s called upon to advertise a bar or real estate agent.


 Since the formation of the club, they have raised funds for the following:

 The School for the Deaf Pattaya.

The Street Kids of Pattaya

Wat Pong School.

The Masons Tsunami Appeal.

The Camillian Centre Rayong.

Scholarships For Under Privileged Children at various schools in the area.

Children and Adults of Issan Wheelchair & Walking Aids Appeal.
The Charity Club of Pattaya’s Christmas Gift Appeal.
The Charity Club of Pattaya’s annual Clothing & Blanket Appeal.
 The Free Masons Charity Fund for the Hill Tribe Children.

Built a Kindergarten Classroom at the Wat Wang Wa Temple School in Klaeng.
Donations to the Mercy Center Pattaya.
Donation to Rotary Club Pattaya to assist with a Charity of their choice.
Donates to The Free Masons West Winds Lodge to assist with their Charity projects.
Donated items for the Pattaya Orphanage.

Christmas Party and Gifts for the Children born with HIV/Aids.


Organise trips for Children born with HIV/AIDS.
Supplying special food every 3 months for Children in Isaan with dietary problems.

On going wheelchair and walking aid projects for the people of Isaan.

In the process of building a house for a mentally ill grandmother and her grand-daughter in Isaan.

Provided a specialist wheelchair for 12 year -old severely disabled boy in Isaan.
 Repairs to a school roof in Isaan.
Provided bicycles for a school in Isaan.

Donates to the Jaidee Appeal Rayong.
Donation to the Young PR Ambassador Project Pattaya.
On going medical, accommodation and travel expenses for a 2 year-old girl who fell into a fire and needs various operations and medical procedures.
Donated to a school project for the re-building of a school in Yasathorn.

Donated Children’s wheelchairs to Able The Disabled in Pattaya.
Providing food parcels on a regular basis for the needy in Isaan.
Raising funds for the prostheses foundation Chiang Mai supplying limbs for the disabled who cannot afford prothesis aids.
Donates to the British Legion’s Poppy Appeal.

They are extremely proud that to date they have raised 2,883,462 baht.

The Charity Club of Pattaya?
Anyone in need.

They always visit the charity to see what is needed before they get the support.

They always ask for a ‘wish list’ as they never just hand over cash unless absolutely necessary.

ALL the money they raise goes towards the items on the charities ‘wish list’ nothing is taken out for admin costs or expenses as Malcolm and Christina cover printing costs etc.

They do all the shopping and do an unannounced follow up visit to check everything is in place.

They try to do different charities so that they don’t become committed to any one charity and that allows the money to be spread around as Thailand has so many needy people.

The Charity Club of Pattaya?

Our aims are simple.
Just to give a little bit back to those that need it!

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